Without a doubt the Sicilian is the best reply to the King Pawn, but, it takes skill and knowledge to play it.  There are too many specialist lines at whites disposal, in which he can direct the game into areas of his own expertise. 

For years I have experimented with the Sicilian, trying Hedgehogs, Najdorfs, Scheveningen, Sveshnikov, Classical, Accelerated Dragon, Hyper accelerate Dragon, Kalashnikov you name it, I've tried it, with mixed success.  I was so despondent that i gave up on it, fed up with getting my king side stormed i started to play 1...e5, in reply to the Kings pawn. 

But then I chanced upon a youtube video, the Dragondorf, a hybrid between the Dragon and the Najdorf.  What is more as an English opening player, it was perfect, because I played the same system with reversed colours.  I dont like learning chess opening theory, its boring and its tedious and its unnecessary at my level, and this was great, because with the Dragondorf, you dont need to memorise hardly anything.

Any how, here is a game I played using the system, and although there are mistakes, it is clear that the games one tends to get are very rich indeed, and what is more, I dont have the problem of white storming my castled position.  Check it out.




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    One of course must remember that in taking on a dragon formation one has a dynamic position at the cost of having a hopelessly weak d5 square, the bishop is need to shore up that weakness in many instances.  I don't use a chess engine for analysis other than blunder checking after a game or have any theory on it, just some games I found.  IM Andrew Martin produced a cd on it, but i don't have it and GM Simon Williams has played it in serious tournaments, you should check out his games.

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    I feel like you don't have to do bg7 u can just do g6 then play b5 after.  Do u have any theory on this, like long lines for chess base or anything

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    A pleasing  Dragondorf miniature played on blitz today,

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