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Dragondorf revisited

Dragondorf revisited

Sep 6, 2013, 6:36 PM 0

Greetings my chess friends.  I have for some time been engaged in making some little chess videos mostly for my own amusement and for disseminating what little knowledge I have gleaned of chess over the past few years.  The problems, apart from the technical difficulties with making chess videos on a budget is getting the right balance between art, education and entertainment. 

If you peruse any popular video channel, there is a plethora of chess videos, players showing their blitz games, endgame techniques, classical games from yesteryear, opening systems etc etc with varying degrees of success, for balance is not an easy thing to gauge at times.

Time is also a factor, for chess is simply too complex a game to explain concepts glibly, yet one does not want to bore the viewer to death with irrelevancies, for many times i have found myself nodding off to some whispering commentator, only to find that the commentator more often than not was me! 

Certainly interactive videos are the best for teaching, where the student is asked to pause the video and think as if it were a real game, yet five minute games with little explanation are by far the most popular.

If anyone would like to comment on what appeals to them, what they would like to see in a chess video, what format it should take, what duration, please let me know, in the meantime i made this little video below, of a system termed the Dragondorf, a hybrid between the Sicilian dragon and the Najdorf - i hope you enjoy it, I certainly enjoyed making it - regards Robbie.


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