English opening, Botvinnik system, 6...h5, free video

Dear friends we continue the horrendous ordeal of trying to learn some opening theory in the Botvinnik system of the English opening and this time we look at the aggressive 6...h5, a move that tries to take advantage of the locked centre by initiating an immediate attack on the wings.  Although the move appears aggressive we shall see that it is not without its drawbacks.


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    hi porthos,the whole trick is simply to understand the pawn structure and the relative plans for both sides, in doing so we are dealing in ideas, not variations, which are much easier to remember and implement.  Look at blacks structure, its simply a closed Sicilian with reversed colours, look at whites, its simply a queenside stonewall structure, these things are not so difficult to get a handle on me thinks, the most difficult part for me is having a short attention span and having to concentrate on the material!  Anyhow, i thank you for your comment and if you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to express them, anything other than, why do you make these tedious chess videos that is - kind regards Robbie.

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    From my understanding this is a very complicated and difficult system, but has great payoffs if well studied.

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