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IM Jovanka Houska brilliancy!

IM Jovanka Houska brilliancy!

Jan 8, 2016, 10:02 AM 0

Running alongside the London chess Classic and the last leg of the Grand Chess tour was the London FIDE open.  The game in question was played in the first round and illustrates the scintillating calculation and tactical skills of our heroine, Jovenka Houska.  Here she is, man what dream!

Jovenka's opponent Swedish chess player Peter Korning went for what looked like a promising tactic with a battery of Queen and Bishop supported by a Knight gathering menacingly against the traditionally weak F2 square in the white camp.  With her own knight hanging Jovenka allowed the tactic but had calculated further than her opponent and created threats of her own., What was to follow was a beautiful mating sequence that will fill your hearts with admiration for this beautiful game. See if you can find the moves that Jovenka found!


Here is the full game with some of the subvariations



My thanks as always go to those artists whose material I have used to make what can sometimes be a rather dry subject more palatable.  I have given full credit at the end of the video.  Also to the open source community who put together the software that made the making of this chess video possible and finally to the many members of the youtube chess community for their encouragement - kind regards robbie_1969

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