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Importance of the centre (for conducting a successful attack)

Importance of the centre (for conducting a successful attack)

Aug 26, 2012, 5:35 AM 0
When we are beginners, we have a vague idea of the importance of the centre, yes we develop our pieces towards the centre and understand that it should be controlled, but why?  Like the beauty of a fractal along a predefined mathematical axis, all moves in chess are relative to the centre in some way, especially when attempting to conduct a successful attack.  Personally, I find it more helpful to visualise the chessboard not in two dimensions, but in three, with the central square e4, d4, d5 and e5 being at the pinnacle of a pyramid.  He who holds the central squares may be like an army upon the precipice of a mountain while the enemy tries to attack from below, he who holds the high ground will generally be at an advantage.  The following game illustrates the importance of the centre when conducting an attack.

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