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Learn chess openings - NO THEORY

Learn chess openings - NO THEORY

Aug 22, 2013, 11:54 AM 3

If one plays 1.e4 there is a plethora of replies that may ensue, from the Caro Kaan to the Pirc or Modern, not to mention lots in between.  For the improving player it is a somewhat bewildering task to learn chess opening theory and time would be better spent on what matters, the middle game and the end game.  How can the situation be remedied?  Simply to build an opening repertoire around a specific pawn structure that will become organic as we gain experience.  In order to cut theory to an absolute minimum, schematic diagrams of piece placements can be utilised, simply providing a generic scheme of things to be aimed for.  Of course chess is a conversation and our opponents moves as well as our own need to be scrutinised, but playing aimlessly is a sure recipe for disaster. Based on the following simple structure,

 we can build around it, simply adjusting the placement of pieces and pawns to suit the need. The idea is of course to reduce the amount of time a student of the game needs to spend upon learning opening theory so that his or her time is much better utilised on the middle-game and the endgame, for that is where the game is usually won or lost.  If you enjoy the video please subscribe - regards robbie.



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