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Malik Mir Sultan Khan

Malik Mir Sultan Khan

Mar 25, 2013, 3:33 PM 0

Of course the great Khan was neither a Mir (rich person) nor a Sultan ( a king) nor a Malik (owner) but a domestic servant under a Nawab (a kind of Lord) in British India.  He did not study openings, had never learned from any books and was yet termed by Capablanca, the most naturally gifted chess player to grace the game, as a genius, an accolade he rarely bestowed upon anyone.  His prowess was in the middle and endgame, where he had among his peers, few equals, and when one examines his play, one can see a kind of innocence, a beautiful simplicity, free from guile and complications, natural and without pretence.  It is my desire dear friends to share the beauty of this with you.

I plan to do a video presentation of the Khans beautiful games, you can check out other stuff here - kind regards Robbie.


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