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Open it up and get on with it!

Open it up and get on with it!

Oct 7, 2012, 3:17 AM 1

I take a simple view of life. It is keep your eyes open and get on with it.  - Laurence Sterne. 

I had the pleasure of analysing a game for a friend, in which his opponent seemed content simply to play with the pawns and neglect development.  In such a situation, we have learned from that great artist, Paul Morphy that a superior development entails that we open the position and exploit our lead in development.  In the following game, white actually opened up the position for black with his own move and the scene was set for a devastating and somewhat beautiful realisation of the principle.  No doubt the dude up there on the right, painted by Joshua Reynolds, would have approved, Irish novelist, Laurence Sterne, check it out.

Lessons to learn and think about.

1. when our opponent is intent of playing with pawns and neglecting development look for ways to try to open the position up, either through piece sacrifices or pawn thrusts.
2.  apply the principle of attack which states that we always look for the most forcing continuation, checks, then captures then moves which threaten to check or capture.  This not only reduces our opponents mobility but it makes calculation for us much easier as we are only focused on the most forcing continuations.
All in all very excellently played and a sterling example of how to exploit an open King position and a very aesthetically pleasing mate to end, many thanks for sending the game - kind regards Robbie.

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