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Pawn structure chess - the Caro formation

Pawn structure chess - the Caro formation

Mar 7, 2015, 5:11 AM 3

Response to the original presentation of pawn structure chess was very positive so i thought we could take a look at some structures which arise from specific openings.  In this instance the Caro structure which can arise from the Caro Kann, the French, the Scandinavian and the QGD.

The structure itself looks like this after blacks queen pawn has been exchanged for whites king pawn.

    White is slightly better because of the advanced nature of the d pawn which gives him better outposts for his pieces.  Black must over come his cramped state by preparing either ...c5 or ...e5.  The following presentation demonstrates the folly of failing to do so.



Thanks once again go to the artists and open source programmers who made this video possible.  I apologise if youtube puts any advertisements on this video, it is neither my will nor my intention that they do so.


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