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Play against the bishop pair

Play against the bishop pair

Feb 2, 2015, 2:29 PM 5

While its generally accepted that the bishop pair may constitute an advantage there may be many other dynamics in a chess position which has some bearing, for example,

1.positions where the bishops advantages may be neutralised by other weaknesses in the position, like pawn weaknesses or an exposed king by way of example.

2. positions where a positional or material advantages outweigh the advantage of having two bishops by accentuating the strengths in ones own position.  For example a pawn majority on one side of the board, a spatial plus, control of an open file, rooks on the seventh or second rank, possession of a passed pawn.

3. the creation of pawn chains which curtail the enemy bishops either constricting them behind their own pawn chains or by placing our pawns in direct opposition to them in the form of a pawn phalanx.

The illustrated game demonstrates how to exchange a bishop pair which leaves behind certain weaknesses which can be utilised by the knights. How to avoid the exchange of a bad bishop for any other minor piece and how to contstruct a pawn configuration which reduces the mobility of the opponents bishops.


Once again my thanks also go to these artists and for all the programmers in open source software who provided the programs and operating system to make the production of this chess video possible, you are pure awesome.  Linux rocks!  It really does.



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