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"That I should lose to this idiot!"

"That I should lose to this idiot!"

Feb 18, 2013, 10:05 AM 0

These words I think were attributed to Nimzowitsch after he realised he was losing to Sämisch.  Its no fun losing for sure, but losing to cheap tricks is really annoying, yet its a part of the game, but such players who employ them are in my opinion chess criminals and they must be brought to justice! I had the unfortunate experience of losing to the same player as in the game to a cheap opening trick which he had employed on numerous occasions, so, in a fit of pique, i demanded justice from the chess gods, why should these tricksters get away with such skulduggery?  The following game illustrates the folly of one move attacks that are merely illusions, playing tactically without the slightest concern for ones position, i hope you enjoy it, i did.

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