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Reflect when the water is calm.

Reflect when the water is calm.

Sep 9, 2012, 8:10 PM 2

The more one sees of a chess position the more possibilities arise. For this to take place, one must reflect upon the position and ponder it deeply, seek out its intricacies, map out the pitfalls so that with familiarity it literally becomes part of a familiar organic whole.  To illustrate this, after spending some time on a position i retired to bed, yet as i was trying to sleep the position remained in my minds eye and the possibilities of the position opened up and a combination was revealed, perhaps you yourselves have had a similar experience.  The game that follows highlights that combination, from move 13, a bishop sacrifice, check it out.

what lessons can we learn

1.deeply meditate upon a position, mark out its intricacies, leave no stone unturned, it will become part of you and form an organic whole leading to self expression.

2.If you want to get better at chess, play CC, one simply does not have the time during a blitz match to reflect upon the position and draw out its salient points.

thanks for reading - kind regards robbie.

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