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Rossolimo Sicilian : Keller v Lombardy

Rossolimo Sicilian : Keller v Lombardy

Apr 3, 2017, 5:49 AM 2

As far as chess legends go you don't get much more legendary than Grandmaster William Lombardy. Born in New York on December 4th 1937 he learned to play chess at the age of nine.

 Lombardy is probably most famous for his role as Fischer's second in the world championship match in Reykjavik Iceland, 1972. Still a Catholic priest at the time he got time off the priesthood to help Fischer with adjourned games of which there was fourteen. His contribution was essential to helping Fischer to the title King of Chess.

The game itself is taken from the American Chess Quarterly Magazine, edited by Grandmaster Larry Evans, edition, Fall of 1961 and entitled The Rossolimo Variation. Grandmaster Lombardy's phenomenal positional skill backed up by solid calculation are self evident as he first opens the position for his two bishops and then consolidates his position negating the white initiative with the awesome 17...f6. White sets a cunning trap leaving his backward queen pawn en-prise but Grandmaster Lombardy has seen that it give white too much counter-play and refuses the offer. A superbly played game and well worth studying in-depth, check it out.


I am especially thankful to a very generous friend from Texas for sending me the entire American Chess Quarterly review magazine without which this video would not have been possible. I share it with you chess friends for your enjoyment and edification.



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