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Simple Chess: Space (Fischer v Gheorghiu) 1970

Simple Chess: Space (Fischer v Gheorghiu) 1970

Nov 5, 2014, 4:16 AM 0

Space can be a difficult strategic concept to get a handle on in a game of chess. Every pawn structure has the capacity to house a quota of pieces, exceed that quota and your position will 'feel', cramped, over extend and your pieces may lose mobility as they try to defend a vast empire beyond their capabilities.

The chess video explores the approach to playing with a space advantage as exemplified by Bobby Fischer in his 1970's game with Florin Gheorghiu. Fischer simply completes harmonious development, prevents his opponents freeing moves and eventually black is forced to trade his deficiency in space for a structural defect which Fischer then uses for an attack on the black King.

The chess game and many of the annotations were taken directly from GM Micheal Steans book, Simple chess and its hoped that you can use the information in your own games of chess - kind regards MSK Chess.

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