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Square strategy theory

Square strategy theory

Mar 12, 2013, 8:59 AM 16

Dear friends I introduce to you the concept of square strategy as i learned from studying the work of International master Alexander Bangiev.  The basis of the theory is that certain squares have strategic value throughout a game of chess and that these colour complexes form the basis of areas of attack and defence.  The complexes themselves take their names from the four squares at the centre of the chess board which form the apex of the colour complexes, thus we have the e4 area, the d4 area, the e5 area and the d5 area.  These complexes help us to identify weakness in the forms of squares which are difficult to defend and in the form of pieces which defend squares we are trying to infiltrate with our own pieces.  Below is a little blitz game i played while utilising the theory and a video which explains the theory in greater depth.  Many thanks for taking the time, kind regards Robbie.

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