Tactics from US Championship 2017 - Ladies

Tactics from US Championship 2017 - Ladies

Apr 17, 2017, 4:18 AM |

Did you get the chance to follow the US ladies Championships 2017? was pretty awesome! The eventual winner Sabina Francesca Foisor finished her game with a beautiful mate in eight and young US hopeful Jennifer Yu had an outstanding tournament despite being outranked in points by many seasoned competitors, some of them bona fide Grandmasters in their own right.  I dunno what it is, perhaps as an amateur player its simply easier to relate to ladies chess with it slightly 'less accurate' play in comparison to the mens events or perhaps its their humanity, their friendliness that makes it so refreshing. 


If you would like to try to solve some of the positions that arose during the games check out the puzzles below. 

Carrissa has just played ...Nf6 which is a little dubious, see if you can find the moves that Katerina did!  
Here is a rather tricky one, this time Maggie Feng executing a fine tactic against the eventual winner Sabina Foisor .  See if you can solve it!
Here is the Grandma of all mates from the tournament.  Executed by the eventual winner Sabina
Foisor , see if you can solve it till mate. 
If you are interested in a video presentation looking at the elements which led up to these tactics please check out the video below.

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