Test your positional play #2

Test your positional play #2

Aug 24, 2015, 3:15 AM |
In chess we are taught to think in general terms and act in a concrete way, often though its the synthesis of elements which fail us and we pursue a wrong positional plan.  In the following there are three plausible scenarios based on positional features.

1. Open up the position and take advantage of the presence of two bishops with ...Be6, Rad8 and ...c4

2.Take advantage of the closed centre by a pawn storm on the Kingside, planning ...Bg4 and if white kicks the bishop with the plausible h3, to play ...Kh7, ....Rg8 and ...g4 breaking open the white kingside position

3. Take advantage of the bad placement of the bishop on g3 planning ...Bg4 and if the plausible h3 is played Bxf3 simplifying into and endgame.  Have a go and see if you can use the positional elements to formulate the correct positional ideaSmile
The full game and some annotations are given below.

My thanks go to the authors of the book 'Test your positional play', Robert Bellin and Pietro Ponzetto from which the game was taken. To the artists who made the original video animation which I have used to liven up what can be an otherwise dry subject.  To Aldo Vasquez who provided the encouragement.  To the musicians for the audio and for the open source software community for their untiring devotion to making quality software available to everyone regardless of economic constraints. You are all truly awesome people -  kind regards MSK




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