Test your positional play_3

Test your positional play_3

Jan 24, 2016, 11:27 AM |

Care to test your positional understanding? Here is a position from a game played in 1981, Mar del Plata.  With the white pieces is legendary Danish Grandmaster Bent Larsen.  With the black pieces is equally legendary American Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan.  Have a think about it and see if you can evaluate the criteria and come up with the correct ideas. To help us there are three scenarios given.

Plan A: Take the initiative by breaking open the center.  You think that its likely that there will be opposite side castling you therefore plan plan long castling and the move e4 seeking to break open the position and begin you attack first because you understand that in opposite side castling its a race.

Plan B: Pursue a monitory attack.  You think that sooner or later black will be forced to play ...c6 because of the pressure against the d5 and c7 points from the Knight and Queen respectively.  You therefore will play an immediate a3 challenging the bishop.  Its likely that the bishop will be induced to exchange itself (otherwise it will be locked out of the game) and you will retake with the Queen, planning normal development and a minority attack with b4 and b5.

Plan C: Reinforce and eventually undermine and control the center.  You will also play a3 but instead of taking with the Queen, you will take with the b pawn, using this to push to c4 and undermine the center after normal development.  Your greater central control will lead to a steady advantage.

Check out the actual game and see if you had the correct idea :D

My thanks go to all the artists and musicians who made this video possible and especially to the software engineers who coded the open source software to make the creation of this video possible. Created using Ubuntu Studio : 




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