English Opening : The Ice Dragon (Dragon Reversed)

English Opening : The Ice Dragon (Dragon Reversed)

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What happens when you take the Sicilian dragon, reverse engineer her from a black dragon into a white dragon and giver her an extra tempi? She transmutates and becomes the Ice Dragon! or as is more mundanely known, the Dragon reversed! An awesome way to meet one of blacks most popular tries against the English opening 2...Nf6.  

Many of the ideas are the same as if she was her dusky cousin.  We can try to prove that the e pawn is weak by attacking it from the flanks.  We have ideas of a minority attack which black is well advised to curtail.  We can change formation in the centre and utilise our central pawn majority, giving us both extra space and possibly an outpost for our minor pieces.  We have ideas of an exchange sacrifice on c6 just like in the Sicilian defence proper where black sometimes exchanges on c3 shattering the queenside pawns and weakening central control.

So if you like exciting dynamic and often double edged play then perhaps this might be one of the opening lines that suits your temperament.  A word of caution for those Dragon slayers with the black pieces, you push her too fast and too early you gonna get punished for it! You cannot play as if you were white, there is NO Yugoslav attack, you are playing against one of the most fearsome weapons in chess, The Ice dragon, tread carefully and beware!

Typical ideas for white.

 Exchange sacrifice


...Nb6 line


...Be7 line 

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