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The Dynamic pawn Duo

The Dynamic pawn Duo

Mar 11, 2013, 3:42 PM 2

Dear friends i was party to a video where the chess coach was trying to explain to the student, why such a move was required because of the inherent dictates of the position and it struck me that had the student been aware of the inherent power of the pawn duo he would have come to the same conclusion as his teacher and played the most natural move.  Even more so, its readily apparent that the fundamental principle underlying many classical chess openings is that of establishing the pawn duo, two adjacent pawns on the same rank, either in the centre, on the queen-side or on the king side.  The following miniature illustrate the dynamic potential of the pawn duo.  i provide a video also although i am reticent that my Scottish accent is a hindrance to understanding, but one cannot choose ones place of birth - thanks for taking the time - kind regards Robbie.

here is a video link which explains why the pawn duo is so powerful and the role it plays in chess opening theory, made easy.

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