How to beat <1200 players

Oct 7, 2016, 3:06 PM |

First of all i want to say that this post is not for players that have more than 1500, this is for those players that are hasnt reach the  1300 and they ask why is so difficult to beat his opponents, truth is that most of players with 1200 dont really know the develop idea, they think they do but is not true, you may think my develop is good but is not true, some of this players know 1 or 2 opennings and they swear that they know how to play that opening... well wrong playing an oppening is not about know the exact move for every single response from your opponent at least not in that level what is more important is know the idea behind the oppening, for example kings gambit they sacrifice the f4 pawn and after that they start to close the position an make a slow development why? the idea is to attack fast.

thats the first thing but what else thats not enough to beat anyone right? well second thing is usually they NEVER evaluate the position, how do you know what to do?, well is easy first thing is to evaluate the position and is something really obvious but belive it or not almost everysingle player above 1300  miss this single thing the result is that they never see the opponents threats, they dont know how to attack, and when they do then that is a crazy attack that only benefits your opponent in the worst case they dont know what to do and wait for their opponent to make a move in other words the allow him to get the inicciative

this is a game that i played a year ago against someone of 1100

as you could see black has no plan at all, he doesnt know what to do and even i sometimes i wonder what should i do when the attack is no easy to see, i think everybody has asked this very question, when a -1300 player ask this the response is to attack like someone crazy, he gets his queen out quick and start attacking random pawns again only to see what is going to do his opponent what is the thing that you should do?  well if you dont know what to do a crazy attemp to attack may be bad for you instead do something thats is only going to be good for you like developing, move your pieces to the best squares gain the center, in other words improve your position, why a 1100 player lose so easy against a 1800? well while the 1800 is developing and improving his position with calm the 1100 player try to attack him with a bad position and with a lack of development the result is the easy win of the 1800 player 

again other example this game was against someone of 1000

its common sense what is best to attack? a single piece attacking or a lot of pieces helping eachother attacking your opponent weakness, only with a good develop this is posible and no moving the pawns is not develop, you have to do it to develop but is not a develop move, off course you will also need tactics and other stuff but if you always have advantage from your openings you will secure more games, is better to play with advantage.

and to finish this an advice, play always the same 2 or 3 oppenings and study them is better to be a strong player in 2 oppenings that been a weak player in 100 oppenings with only a good development and good piece activity you can won most of your games i recommend you to watch paul morphy s games his develop is so easy and so good, watch a lot of his games