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Teaching chess for free part II

Teaching chess for free part II

Aug 9, 2017, 4:32 PM 3


Hello chess lovers, I am an 1800 player and here I am again with the part II of free chess teaching, the Part I was a complete success a lot of players from different country's and different levels willing to learn, all of them happy to received the lesson and hoping for another, this is not only for those players, this is for any player that posses levels from 0 to 1500, the lesson will be given using chess.com of course and Skype to talk during the lesson, it is possible to write in the chat box but it's quite hard to explain all using that, if you are interested just message me.

If you are not sure just give it a shot, I believe that you can learn something from any player, even when I play against lower rated players I always learn something, doesn't matter how weird are his openings or if he blunder a piece there is always something there to learn.


I usually go to tournaments on weekends so I wont be able to teach you those days, but I can from Monday to Thursday, if you are interested just message me the hour but remember that my time (Colombia) may be different from yours so if you live in Australia for example it can happen that your 1 pm its my 1 am


If you took the lesson you can write a comment here with the review and with your thoughts of the lesson, if you like it if you dislike it, doesn't matter, it can also help me improve. If you enjoy the lesson a lot and want more you can hire me as your coach and have lessons at a comfortable couch in your home in a time that is good for you or you can always wait for part III, next year I hope I became a Candidate Master and hope to keep doing these and bring more stuff to my blog like tips and tricks.

Remember that if you don't speak English I also speak Spanish but I am going to write this again in Spanish so no worries

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