Chess is Life (Part 1)

Chess is Life (Part 1)

Feb 20, 2008, 4:57 AM |

As some of you know I have recently picked up playing a game that I played in my childhood. It is part of my new year’s resolution to exercise my head as well as my body. I joined and started to play anyone who challenged me. I have taken the attitude that I don’t care about losing, just play and learn.


Out of the first 50 games my record was 9 wins forty losses and 1 draw. I have to admit that I was getting frustrated. I kept making the same mistakes over and over again; it was difficult to watch my rating drop into the low 900’s. People were challenging me just so they can get an easy win. Some of the people on the site were mean and like to rub it in, but there were many who were there to try to help. During the game they would offer advice and encouragement. This kept me going.


Then I decided to change my strategy, I started challenging a wide variety of players, some I had a higher ranking than and some who had a higher ranking than me. I decided to analyze my moves more carefully, I participated in the “Vote Chess” (This where you play as a team and vote on each move) .I started to see a change, I have become more competitive and have begun to win more games. In fact my record since this change in strategy has been 22-12-2. I still believe that I am not a good player; in fact I am well below average. I am encouraged to see progress and I feel I am the right path to being a really good chess player.


This is part one in a series on how I believe that the game of chess reflects life. This part is focused on picking up something new and sticking with it.


When we start something new, we have a better chance at success if we embrace the fact that there is going to be failures along the way. If we learn about these failures and why we failed, we have a better chance at not repeating those failures.


Along life’s path you will have people who will want to rub their success in, just to prove to themselves that they are something special. These are people that we may have to deal with; don’t lower yourself to their level. Stay on the path.


There will also be people who want to help you, offer advice. Always listen, thank the person and follow the advice, if it is advice that may be beneficial to you. Never think you are above any advice given to you.


Change your strategy if  your current strategy is not working, you have to constantly re-evaluate yourself  and see what is working and change what is not.


Chess is Life