Going To Turkey!

Jul 7, 2011, 11:02 AM |

I am going to Turkey this friday! I am so excited! We will stay in istanbul for a couple of days, then move to 'bodrum', our summer place. We go there every year, and for some reason I am especially excited this year! I guess it is because I stayed in America for so long Undecided oh well, I am looking forward so much! My uncle is already in Bodrum, and he took some great pictures! 


These are some pictures- there is also another place- a small city nearby which is bearly far from the sea- Turgutries. I am also looking forward to not only swimming- but also playing a game of chess outside near the sea in the beach- the restaurant I am talking about, a picture showing towards the sea on a wavy day is the first picture above. When I go there or before, I will update probably- with more pictures- by for now

9 July 2011----


 I am in Istanbul! But before I go into that, here is a game I played against my brother during the flight---


Istanbul was fun. I stayed with my friend, overnight and then jumped on a plane