My scariest experience.

Dec 13, 2009, 4:08 PM |

  Yep,  Everyone had there best, saddest and scariest experience. I had a near to drowning experience! Here is the story: 

     I went over to my friend's house; there was a swimming pool. However, my brother came over too so he swam. When we were in the pool, I swam to the 10 ft (3.333 m) deep zone and guess what! my 5 year old brother had a small "Inflatable boat" and he went to the deep end too. However, along it being dangerous, he fell of the boat! As he couldn't swim well he had to grab on to something and unfortanatly I was next to him so he had to grab a hold of me! Because I can't put my feet down, I was close to drowning. I was screaming "Help! Help" but my brother said "Please Sean, trust me"! (yeah, I don't really know what that meant either.) Unfortanatly, there was no lifegaurd so I saw my father about to dive probably 1 minute after when he realized it was not a game. Before he could get to me, I was close to drowning when my friend pull me off to safety, (where the 'stairs' are) and he saved me! You might be thinking "you are exaggerating", but it wasn't a peice of cake for me! Many thanks to my friend, however, what was your most scariest experience?