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Shaun V World: When to be Stubborn

Shaun V World: When to be Stubborn

Jul 4, 2016, 4:02 PM 7

Round seven day 3, still in the hunt for prize money at the World Open, I completely botched my opening as white in a Sicilian.  I let the dreaded accelerated dragon accelerate like a punk.  And the worst part, and let me know if you feel the pain, is that I play the god forsaken accelerated dragon.  What the crud, man? 

My opponent was all smug when he played it too, and moved quickly to shore up a draw.  He seemed snooty when I struggled to find the win, and sighed a good bit.  And that PISSED ME OFF.   So help me god, buddy, I will vomit a winning engame on this board.  

So being stubborn helped :D

This put me at 5/7, and with a couple of wins in round 8 and 9, I could place!  How did that go?  Check out my blog for tomorrow to find out.  In the meantime, here are days 1-3:

Day1: Inconceivable
Day2: Yo Mamma
Day3: Apologies to Botvinnik 

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