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A Reti Brilliancy Prize Game.

A Reti Brilliancy Prize Game.

Nov 12, 2017, 9:32 AM 1

Nope, the game isn't from New York 1924!!!

The above photo is scanned from Chess Pie. Karl Gilg, top left, and Richard Reti centre.

It's been a busy weekend - Someone many years ago said to me that if I ever learned to drive, I would never have any money, and I have found out this week what he meant!

So, apologies for my absence, and for not doing things that have been promised.

There have been a few interesting chess conversations over the last couple of weeks, and have decided to post a game from Semmering 1926,which won one of the  brilliancy prizes for Richard Reti. It includes stuff mentioned in those particular conversations. The notes are my own, but based on those in the little book by Petrovic mentioned elsewhere, and Reti's own, given in the Tournament Book. I hope you get the same pleasure from it that I have.




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