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Barcza - Keres. Estonia - Hungary Match 1957.

Barcza - Keres. Estonia - Hungary Match 1957.

Apr 29, 2017, 2:17 AM 27



In another post, I added a game by the neglected Hungarian Grandmaster Gideon Barcza. 

He was, in the words of Gufeld, a Grandmaster when it meant something. May add more details on him later, but as an illustration of how strong he was, I shall post two games. The were played in a match between Estonia and Hungary, in Tallin, 1957.

The photograph is of the two players at Oberhausen in 1961.

In the first game, Barcza is seen in his usual guise. a quiet positional game with excellent endgame technique. The second was more spectacular!






I have found a photograph taken at the time. It is hidden away on the very last page of Istvan Bilek's wonderful book 'Barcza Gideon. Elete es Jatszmai.

Note for anyone researching Hungarian sources. It is traditional in Hungary to give surnames first, which can cause confusion, particularly when searching internet sources. Will expand this post, add notes etc as time permits.


 O.K. To wind this up, I shall give a couple more games, and photographs.

The first is Barcza's most famous. It was decisive in Hungary managing to inflict the first ever defeat on the mighty Soviet Union in the Olympiads. On their home territory too, in front of Smyslov's home town supporters, which must have made it even more satisfying for Barcza!


The following game is also posted on https://www.chess.com/blog/kamalakanta/rubinstein-and-tal--partners-in-crime



A relevant photograph - taken on another occasion, from the Bilek book quoted above.

Barcza - Saemisch.



From the same source, a photograph of the players at The Maroczy Memorial, Budapest 1961.

It has Bronstein, Korchnoi, and Barcza seated in the front row. Standing behind are Portisch, Taimanov, and Simagin.


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