Four Games of Aleksei Suetin. Grandmaster and Theoretician.

Four Games of Aleksei Suetin. Grandmaster and Theoretician.


Evening everyone. I am back from my travels.

@Spektroski recently posted an article here  where Suetin looks at Bobby Fischer and his play in the opening.

I'm sure that many who read it won't know anything much about Suetin! 

He was a strong Grandmaster, but is probably more highly regarded as a profilic writer on the game and, most especially, as an openings theoretician.

His contributions to opening theory cover a huge range of openings. With Black he was a big factor in the development of the Benoni and the ...e6 lines of the Sicilian, for example.

With White, at a time when ideas in the Ruy Lopez were being developed on a large scale, he was one of the greatest, and most innovative, experts on it. 

I took his Russian best games collection away with me, and selected four characteristic games where he had the White pieces to give you an idea of his chess. The notes are mine, with most of the variations being Suetin's own.

Text wise, this is a short post , for a change , but there is quite a lot of material in the annotations.

Enjoy the games!!

The first shows some of his opening thinking, with a wonderful final position.

To pair with it, a second Ruy Lopez, with a Pawn sacrifice for a long term initiative.

And two battles in the French Winawer.

As my regular readers will know, I love  tough complex battles. Games where you have to work hard to understand what is going on are not to everyone's taste, but this next game s in that catagory, and is my favorite Suetin game.

Pomar - Suetin. Havana 1969. It looks like Jan Hein Donner looking on, if anyone can confirm that!

And finally a beautiful game that was part of a theoretical debate between the two players.

Sochi 1961, complete with Simagin! from