Gennady Nesis. One Of My Chess Heroes!

Gennady Nesis. One Of My Chess Heroes!

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O.K. I was going to post something different this time round, but, while on holiday, I saw that one of my chess heroes had celebrated his 75 Birthday. A while ago I had promised to post some of his games, but didn't get round to it.

So today you get a mass of great chess, and not so much on the photos or my nattering.

Nesis was a true correspondence chess grandmaster. Later a prolific, and wonderful writer, trainer - most notably of Alexander Khalifman.

With Khalifman. 1984. Griffin on Twitter

and tournament organiser, etc. You can find a little on the birthday tribute here:-  

He won the second ICCF World cup, and finished second - on tiebreak - in my favourite ICCF World Championship - number 11. Incidentally, the event controller was my departed friend the wonderful Reg Gillman.

What an incredible tournament!! The draw percentage was amazingly low, and a mass of great games played.

Well, some of you will know that I used to play the Dragon in c.c. games, and Nesis was the man who did that at the highest level. One of the very first theory books that I bought was this one - 

mainly because the Dragon was covered by Nesis. he not only played it, he fought for the Black side of the system in the Bc4 Yugoslav that I played myself - one not to everyone's taste! Black is committed to sacrificing material, and the resulting positions are , let's say, rather unbalanced!!. I have no guesses how many hours I spent with his analysis of it, but it was a lot!! He was also an expert on the Grunfeld, when it was a lot less popular than it is today.

So, I have split the games here into 3 sections. One with games with White, one in the Grunfeld, and one in the Dragon. Lots of them - many hard to find, or entered 'by hand' - and I could have posted lots more, but you have to stop somewhere.

Enjoy the chess!!

Let's start with my favourite Nesis game - surprisingly it's not a Dragon! evil. Positional Gambit play at it's finest.

His opponent was this amazing man, who sadly died recently, and is well worth an article of his own.

And a win against one of the absolute legends of c.c. ( He was rather strong o.b. as well - winner of the 1952 Moscow Championship, ahead of Simagin and a couple of guys who were in the legendary 1953 Candidates. he could play!!) Great picture via Chess Mail.

And a win against another  World Champion.
Joern Sloth. 2011.

O.K. Lets have a look at a few Grunfeld games.

And the decisive game that won Nesis the 2nd ICCF World Cup. His opponent - who finished second - was a very fine player in his own right. This man, who left us recently.

Volker. 1951-2021.

So onto the Dragon, and in particular the system that I learned so much about from Nesis.
First up, one of the most crushing defeats ever handed out to a World Champion with White.

Two games which are worth comparing in terms of the notes and the way the games went.

One of the very greatest comes to grief taking on Nesis in that line.

A game in the main line - at the time - of the ...Rc8 system.

And to finish, 2 games in a line that had us all working overtime trying to make sense of it all. Without Nesis,

Chess mail.

I could not have ventured into these shark infested waters without having my legs bitten off!!

I hope you had a great 75th Birthday, Grandmaster! With my humble respect, and thanks for all the pleasure and lessons.