Gudmundur Sigurjonsson. Three Memorable Games.

Gudmundur Sigurjonsson. Three Memorable Games.


In my last article I noted that I had posted at least three beautiful games involving Sigurjonsson - all loses!! Well, I felt a bit guilty about that . He was a fine player who played exciting chess.

I believe that he is still with us - if I am right on that, and any readers in Iceland know him, send my best wishes!

Sitting down to put this together I realised that I could only think of three games that he won! My reputation as a human games database took a bit of a blow. Hmm. The three games.

First one that is memorable to me for a number of reasons. Firstly I was lucky enough to be on reasonable terms with the loser.

Tony Miles. Tilburg 1985.

A nice article -   

Secondly I learned a lot from the game - it is a textbook example of a typical Dragon position. I first saw it in a thing called a 'Partie Bulletin', the pre-computer version of a database dump that we used in our preperation back in those days.

Incidentally, it was played in a tournament where Sigurjonsson scored a fine result.

I can link that game to the next one  with a nice picture - via Douglas Griffin on twitter.

Miles and Stean.

It was played in a telex match  if I remember correctly, and was the decisive one in the match. Addison-Sigurjonsson Caracas1970.
Just added the game

And quickly on to my featured game - against Laszlo Szabo.

It is a bit of an anthology piece which has appeared in one or two books. Quite a battle, with some beautiful ideas. Enjoy the game!

You can find a nice article - google translate works fine - Here  which includes  this next photograph from a newspaper article. A young Sigurjonsson.

Black against Olafsson.1969.