Kasparian - Simagin. Blunders, Brilliance, Endgames And Pictures

Kasparian - Simagin. Blunders, Brilliance, Endgames And Pictures

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Afternoon everyone.

It's been a busy time here, but I am back with some great chess for you to enjoy, plus some nice pictures. 

My regular readers will know a lot about Vladimir Simagin, but probably not about Genrikh/Ghenrikh Kasparian - unless, like me, they love endgames. Sitting on my bookshelves is something I received via a World Champion!

You can find a nice article on him here :-

I have been meaning to put this little blog together for a while, and was reminded of the idea when someone posted a picture - which I have used before, I think - online. 

From the Parnau Training Tournament of 1947.

Kasparian, Simagin and Zubarev. This version vis Griffin.

So, I have 5 games between the two - all a joy to study. The game from the above tournament.

Five Moscow Champions at Parnau. This version via Griffin

Later that year the two met again. Kasparian won again.

Kasparian and Bronstein. Yerevan 1975. Chess in Armenia Magazine. via Facebook.

What a great picture!!
Moving on a couple of years, Simagin got the White pieces against Kasparian's Caro Kann. Kasparian defended excellently, to reach a drawn position, but then what did the great endgame expert do??

A priceless gem of a picture. Kasparian, Petrosian's trainer in his early days - Ebralidze -  and both Makogonovs. Wonderful!
Let's give this one next. No tablebases or (Stock)fishes were harmed in writing the notes, so feel free to correct them. It has that rare thing - a pure Queen and Pawn endgame. I love endgames!

Kasparian from the Griffin article.

I have left this game until last. If you have not seen it before it will just blow you away. It has one of the most incredible moves ever played over the board - a touch of genius!!
Notes by Simagin. ( I also have notes by Gufeld which I have not included here.)

A Simagin picture gallery.

date and opponent unstated.

Moscow 1947. ref game above. simaginfan archive
Moscow 1955. Simaginfan archive.
Vladimir Simagin. Chessboard Artist with a capital A