Laskerian Manoeuvrings. A Neglected Game Plus Some Bonus Ones!

Laskerian Manoeuvrings. A Neglected Game Plus Some Bonus Ones!


Taking a break today, so decided to share another Lasker game that I have been spending some time with, along with a couple more pictures from Vainstein's 'Thinker'.

It shows Lasker's incredible ability to - rather like Carlsen nowadays - out manoeuver strong opponents from a standing start. ( Getting a nice advantage out of the opening and squashing the opposition is a different thing altogether!! ) The game is from 44 years earlier than the last one I posted.  He was rather good for quite a long time.

Firstly some bonus background games. Lasker had some problems as White against the Petroff. The rather sterile positions didn't suit his fighting nature at all. One game where he took big risks trying to create winning chances is a famous loss to Pillsbury.


Another example of him getting into trouble was one of his many miraculous escapes.

The enigma that is James Mason was a tricky opponent for the young Lasker. Another Lasker 'Escape to Victory'. ( feel free to add your own favourite clip in the comments!! Stallone on a football pitch with those guys?? Only in the movies folks!!! )

Mason played the Petroff against Lasker three times. First time round  was Lasker's international debut. He avoided the issue altogether, and, when the position had turned into a reversed Ruy Lopez, showed an unusual idea - here Qc1 followed by N-d1 - that he used with Black in a game against Gunsberg. A fascinating game resulted.

 The last game between the two was at Paris 1900 - he wasn't messing about in that tournament. He lost a game against Marshall through taking one risk too many trying to win with Black, and agreed two painless draws with Chigorin in the last round.
As for the rest he just smashed the opposition out of the Park with distain. A bit like Chris Gayle. ( Go google him if you are not from a cricketing nation!! For those who know who he is, I was there when he creamed Matthew Hoggard for 5 consecutive boundaries in a test match and made the game look easy beyond belief.) 

O.K. You might remember back at the start of this I mentioned a game that I had been looking at showing Lasker outmanoeuver Mason. Best include it now before you all give up waiting!! Hope you enjoy it.