More Alexandr Zaitsev - Chessboard Warrior. The Art Of War
Kuibishev 1970.

More Alexandr Zaitsev - Chessboard Warrior. The Art Of War

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Afternoon everyone! I'm back with some more beautiful and baffling chess battles. A follow up to my last humble offering

Let's get straight to 'matters arising' from there.

Firstly my friend @kamalakanta has posted Bronstein's notes to his beautiful win over Zaitsev which I gave in passing, so to speak, there. You can find them here -  

The relevant picture

The player on the right is Alexandr Konstantinopolsky. You can find a little on him in one of  my previous blogs -  

In the comments last time a particular correspondence game was mentioned - Zaitsev's opponent - Grigory Sanakoev

Harding. Chess Mail

lost the game, but thought enough of it to include it in his wonderful book.

Quite a battle!!

Here it is with Sanakoev's notes from the book. Two points. It's a great book - well worth getting your hands on. Secondly accept my apologies for the mess that the games notes cause - transcribing game notes written for a book - particularly with lots of analysis - into a pgn is a nightmare. 3 hours went into doing it here, and it still looks like a pigs ear!!

I hope you enjoyed that one - despite the mess!! Sanakoev's note are amazing and his admiration for Aleksandr Zaitsev shines like a beacon ( if anyone with more skills that me can clean the file up, feel free!)
That led to mention of Zaitsev as a correspondence player, so a couple of quick examples will follow. First a game against this man.
Zhidkov. Chessbase.
Also some confusion with Igor Zaitsev emerged. A game between the two.
Igor Zaitsev and Anatoly Karpov.
Next! A couple of c.c. games. 
The loser of this game was quite a character by the sound of it - he was still playing at the age of 95! Top bloke!!
I know nothing about Zaitsev's opponent in the next game, other than the fact that he was good enough to qualify for two USSR Championship finals, so he could play!
from the Baturinsky book.
Quick bonus picture - via Griffin on twitter - Karpov and Baturinsky Moscow 1985.

Time in hand, while the chicken is cooking, to throw in a couple more games - a bit more 'does anyone know what's going on?' stuff. As a Dragon lover I couldn't resist these, and have included my thoughts as I went along. I just love this stuff- almost an addiction! I tried other defences as Black, but always went back to my greatest love - hopefully you will understand after going over these bits of madness!

Baturinsky book.

And last but not least, this one. Does anyone know what's going on!? Just another day in the chess life of Alexandr Zaitsev!

Kuibishev 1970. Antoshin and Dementiev far left. Karpov centre Krogius and Zaitsev far right

Via Griffin on twitter. original
That's it for today! Enjoy the rest of the weekend while I sort out the Yorkshire puddings!!

See you all next time. Take care.