Nikolai Riumin. Some Games And Pictures. That Simple!
Moscow 1936. Krylenko, Riumin, Lasker, Capablanca

Nikolai Riumin. Some Games And Pictures. That Simple!

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Afternoon Everyone. A simple offering today - but with lots in it. The sort of thing I can do basically  from memory whilst getting pleasure from the material. I hope you enjoy what is on offer.

So, it came about like this. A couple of blogs ago I posted a wonderful win by Riumin. Last time I commented on how big an achievement it was to be Moscow Champion back in the day. Then a friend on twitter posted a picture of Riumin, three times Moscow Champion, and here we are!

I haven't done notes to many of the games - and very light notes to some others. Just enjoy them! Have fun.

So, Nikolai Riumin.

justchessminiatures on twitter.

He died too young. Yet another chess player who suffered that fate at the hands of T.B. My dad survived that disease, so perhaps I am closer to these victims than most. You can do what modern so-called 'chess historians' do and google him for games, results, biography, etc. i will do what I do!!

His first Moscow Championship win was not one of the stronger tournaments, but a fine effort from the young man.

Moscow Championship 1931.

Right click and open in new tab!! Thanks for the tip mate!!

Some games.

Zubarev was not one of the nice guys of Soviet Chess - I believe that he was one of those behind for the death of Vladimir Petrovs, but I may be wrong.

Zubarev via @spektrowski

A sparkling little game - you can find it online saying it is from the 1931 Moscow championships, but it was actually a match game. White plays an opening line which had long been known to be dubious - the punishment is dramatic and beautiful! 

The 1933 Championship.

A picture to link two games.

1925 with Verlinsky and Zubarev.

That finish is a picture!!
His third Moscow championship win.

The game I have chosen is against a fascinating chess figure in his own right - again, do your own digging! Sergei Belevenetz. ( other transliterations available!!)
A nice touch in memory of a chess legacy.

RIP mate. Not forgotten. Simaginfan.

If you look at the records, Riumin beat two World Champions. The games have to things in common. The Black Queen on h6, and the fact that the famous player was out of form!! The win against Capablanca is of note because the great man - in the first round of the tournament - lost on time. Possibly the worst played of his few losses.

Moscow 1936 via griffin on twitter.

A well known picture to go with the Euwe win - yes, the caption is wrong - I have the correct one somewhere, but can't find it!! O.K. with thanks as noted in the comments, bottom left is Alatortsev. 'With a little help from my friends '.!

Euwe was struggling in the tournament, takes too many risks and gets punished. 

via Griffin on twitter.

O.K. Some games and pictures as they come out of the file - my regular readers will know how well - or not!! - organised I am!!wink

Ilya Rabinowitsch - the first Soviet player allowed to go abroad to play in a tournament. One I should look into.

Baden - Baden 1925. via
Furman's Trainer Ilya Rabinovich via Griffin on twitter.

O.K. Two games left. The loser of this next one is a fascinating chess - and otherwise - figure in his own right.

Bohatirchuk and Wife Olga. 1915. via canadianchessinfo Bohatirchuk - yep - other transliterations available - in his time in the west.

And finally on to the feature game - the very first  one which came to mind when the Riumin picture was posted on twitter. A really incredible game - beyond my understanding. The loser was a player who I have studied in some depth and posted a blog about.

Makogonov 1940. I have forgotten the source, but it a great picture!!.

Enjoy the game!!

justchessminiatures on twitter.