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Rubinstein. A Neglected Masterpiece.

Rubinstein. A Neglected Masterpiece.

Jun 25, 2017, 8:34 AM 3

My friend kamalakanta recently asked me about my favorite players. One I mentioned was Rubinstein.

I have taken the above photo from one of kamalakanta's blogs, here.



Perhaps at some point I will do a series about his chess, For now I have a couple of hours to do something about a game of Rubinstein's which, although it made a big impression on the best players of the time, has since been forgotten. It was played against Erich Cohn, in the famous tournament at Karlbad in 1911, where Richard Teichmann (- another article in the making there!! -) scored his greatest success.

A photograph i have used before is from that event.


Hopefully the game and annotations will speak for themselves. Notes to moves 26 and 27 by leonhardt.


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