Simagin In 1944. 6 Wonderful Games By A Chess Artist,

Simagin In 1944. 6 Wonderful Games By A Chess Artist,

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I have always said that one of the reasons the the USSR emerged as an all conquering force after World War Two was that their players were active during the war, playing many tough events.

last time round I gave a picture of the Ivanovo tournament of 1944, from which the above is taken. Simagin took part in at least 4 events that year - sadly we have no details of a couple of them. To show the amount of chess these guys were able to play, and how many were doing so, take the 1944-45 Moskow Championship Eight quarter finals of 10 players each - one had two future Grandmasters!! - two semi finals and the final. 

Going through the available games I have picked out 6, and enjoyed myself putting some notes to them as I went along.

I have included some notes from other sources - including his own best games collection - translations via Woodger's book on him. Enjoy the chess!!

First the fun game that i like to include. I remember many years ago an article by the inimitable Michael Basman - Kung Fu Chess. the idea was to get rid of as many Pawns as possible to give free play to the pieces. This one could be a case in point.

A game I mentioned last time. The loser is front left of picture here.

Chess Review. 1937. via 64. Sourced by Edward Winter.

It features one of the most exquisite deflection combinations you will ever see.

One for the textbooks. A quite unusual Simaginesque lead up to a standard combinational idea. However, the basic idea is just the start. Quite simply brilliant chess!! With apologies for getting the game header back to front!!
Ivanovo 1947.
Somewhere in that picture - far right I think - is a player I have spent many hours with. Vyecheslav Ragozin. Correspondence World Champion and long time training partner of Mikhail Botvinnik

Later in the year they produced this quite incredible battle. I haven't engine checked the notes - that would take away  lot of the fun!! A utterly baffling and brilliant slugfest. Hagler - Hearnes on the chessboard.
Mihail Marin. Twitter. I haven't bought the book yet!

Time for two more.
A flawed masterpiece - with a couple of quick observations.

via @roaringpawn.

So let's finish with this one. Pure Simagin. I really love this game. Enjoy.

A young Simagin.

Hope you enjoyed the chess as much as I did going through the games! Take care everyone.