Some Early Teichmann And A Mystery Figure. My Week In Chess!
Alekhine - Teichmann match 1921.

Some Early Teichmann And A Mystery Figure. My Week In Chess!

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Afternoon Everyone!

Some enjoyable and long forgotten chess games to share with you today - another bit of self indulgence!!

In my last blog, and a recent one by  @kahns  on Carlsbad 1911, the name of Richard Teichmann aroused some interest. 

I started studying Teichmann WAAAAAY back in the 1970's, largely via this book - published back in 1970, when things were - as I did myself - done with a typewriter and duplicating machine.

For the time - pre internet - it was wonderfully researched. Spence knew his stuff, and many of Teichmann's opponents get mini biographies. A little delight of a book! As it was hard to get hold of by the late 70's I spent £6-50 on my copy - about 1/3 of a weeks wages for the teenaged Simaginfan back then. As Petrosian later said 'When you get a book in such a way you cherish it.'

Just time to throw in Spence's brief Teichmann biography.

Going over it, for the umpteenth time, this week, I noted that two early games against an obscure opponent are given. so let's throw them in now.


That game was played in a little four man Tournament.

which came about after the Simpson's Divan handicap tournament.

The other player was the Simpson's Divan Champion of 1889-1891 ( from memory!) Oscar Conrad Muller

Muller from Margate 1923. via B.C.M.

who, in that position, got to play a couple of games with Lasker during the great man's first professional engagement at the German exhibition of 1890.

Next game!

Bradshaw Photographs Hastings 1895 tournament book.

So who was Teichmann's opponent? I have used 'L'. Rolland for inputting the game files, because that is how Spence gives it and you have to enter something!! However, it is not so clear! Although he was clearly in London by 1888 - he took part in the Simpson's Divan handicap tournament of that year being in the 5th class - in that event receiving a piece odds from the strongest players - my dear friend Richard James tells me that he is not to be found in the 1891 census. Different sources give either 'L.' or 'J.B.'

My guess is something like 'Le ? Jean Baptiste Rolland', but I don't have time to research it, and am making a guess!

Another friend - the inestimable Hans Renette in his book on Bird - says this.

''One player who deserves a special mention was the young Frenchman Rolland. He progressed in merely two years from the fifth into the first class and now had ambitions of living as a professional chess player. Rolland's full name remains an enigma. Most often he is found mentioned as M. Rolland ( in all likelihood the abbreviation of Monsieur), but he's also called L.,A.J.B and J.B. Roland on other occasions.''

He was clearly very talented - a rise of 4 classes in a couple of years is like gaining 800 elo points in that time - but, being new to London Chess circles he may definitely have been underestimated at first. Even so, it's an extraordinary rise!

I will throw in as many of his games as I have time for - some little chess treats or you to enjoy.

We have quite a few of his games against Bird,

Chess Monthly. via Hans Renette.

Not surprisingly as Bird had his own table at Simpson's Divan. I will post them as they come out of the folder - my usual level of organisation!!

Just some chess joy! I am so lucky to be able to do this stuff and share it.

Bradshaw Photographs Hastings 1895 Tournament book
I have pristine originals of the Bradshaw originals in my copy of the tournament book, but no time to scan them today - perhaps another time.
MacKenzie - Bird. British Chess News.

And one against Amos Burn.

There is a second edition of the spence book to be found on Amazon. Well worth getting if it's available!!

I hope you enjoyed my week  in chess! Cheers guys, and take care.