Vidmar and Breyer. Three chess Battles.

Vidmar and Breyer. Three chess Battles.

Oct 15, 2017, 6:20 AM |

As the saying goes, 'rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated'.

With a hearty'cheers' to my friends, and the request to all to come back and talk to me, I shall post a small peace offering!

There is currently an article on the Chessbase site about one of my favourite players, Dr Milan Vidmar.

Whilst on holiday i managed to find time to dig into Jimmy Adams' new book about Gyula Breyer.

So, to pay a small tribute to both, I shall give the three games these two fascinating players and people contested against each other. (There is a mysterious game on that i know nothing about, but certainly isn't the one played between the players in the 1918 tournament!)

The notes to 2 of the games are mine, and to the other I have used a small selection of Vidmar's notes.


                                            Mannheim 1914.

After this game the tournament came to it's premature end, as does this post!!