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Viktor Kupreichik.

Viktor Kupreichik.

Jun 2, 2017, 6:23 AM 44

Viktor Kupreichik Is no longer with us. With his passing, a part of my own chess upbringing has passed. Back in the mid 1970's, there was much talk about 'Karpov's Tournament Technique, 'Modern Defensive Technique', and all sorts of other 'Technique'. The top level chess of the era was actually, in my opinion (other opinions are available) pretty dull and uninspiring.Victor Kupreichik was one of the exceptions. When the latest Schachmatny Bulletin dropped through the letterbox, his was one of the first names I would look for. Later, I was lucky enough to be able to get hold of a small book by Gene McCormick, called 'Uncompromising Chess. The Games of Viktor Kupreichik'. The front cover picture is given above, and I will paste in the 'biography' given, by Alexei Suetin.

I will leave it to others to write full obituaries etc., and just make my own personal tribute, with thanks and gratitude to a player who inspired me with a love of chess art.

I have chosen a few early games that may not be given in the obituaries that will be written over the next few days. They show why, at that time, Kupreichik was such an inspiration.



To the memory of a GrandMaster. With Respect.

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