Zukertort - Potter. The Miracle Save.

Zukertort - Potter. The Miracle Save.


Morning everyone.

Something brief but beautiful today, before I forget all about it!

This week a wonderful article caught my eye, here.


I instantly thought of a game that is not included. Football fans of my age will recall a legendary moment from the 1970 World cup - Gordon Banks' miracle save from Pele

Front post to back post to beat the ball up and away.  - 

- this is the chess version!

William Norwood Potter. One day I will put together a proper article on him, but you will have to wait for that one. He was a magnificent chess editor and writer - especially taking into account the fact that he had a full time job - and no mean player. 

Edochess   ranks him in the top 10 in the world from 1870 - 1880.

Westminster Papers, Vol.9.

The game was  played in The Divan Tournament of March - April 1876, and was extensively annotated by Steinitz in his column in 'The Field'. Curiously Zukertort, who was in charge of the games section of 'The Westminster Papers' at the time, does not give it there that I can see.

Enjoy the game!