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Nov 3, 2007, 11:39 PM |


November 4, 2007


My favorite PASTIME at home is playing AGAINST the computer at CHESS.COM

There was a time when I started playng AGAINST.... My Little Chess Partner..."He doesn't mess around" fame.  Well, it's TRUE... My Little Chess Partner... DID NOT mess around with me as his oponent. He used to beat me CONSISTENTLY. Like, out of fifty games, or forty games, I could ONLY win once.

BUT.... after so many games, I was ABLE to break his CODE.. The very reason he used to beat me up on the chessboard. Remember, I am PLAYING against a piece of SOFTWARE... really DESIGNED to whip me, and make me feel bad about myself... like I was some "blundering IDIOT" who did not know what he was doing.

When I say, I was ABLE TO BREAK HIS CODE, really designed to make him win, I played a "hard" game, as was always my choice. I don't want to play an "easy game" like handing me my "victory" on a SILVER PLATTER. And you know something? Whenever he beats me, I take it PERSONAL. Yes, when I lose, I really feel BAD and pissed. EVEN against a piece of SOFTWARE.... designed to play CHESS and beat you up.

I broke this piece of software's CODE by... PLAYING with WHITES, aainst his black pieces. I would ADVANCE my pawn on the QUEEN'S side. I would also ADVANCE my two pawns, one on EACH side of the board. He would advance his BISHOP, and he never failed to take advantage of EVERY opening... to knock out my CASTLES early in the game.

Well, to make matters short, I LEARNED to play VERY AGRESSIVE against "my little chess patner."  Remember, the BEST DEFENSE.. IS a GOOD and AGRESSIVE OFFFENSE. I WOULD never LET UP to give him a chance to "take aim" at my KING. I would BLOCK his every move, whether it be his KNIGHT or BISHOP.

And this has to be done very EARLY in the game. Because on "end games" he MAY be just  BETTER than you.

Now, I beat him CONSISTENTLY.. maybe THREE out of FIVE games in one day. Of course, I go to bed EMOTIONALLY EXHAUSTED after every game, but you know what? By being able to BEAT HIM UP.. three out of five games, I get the feeling  that I am not so dumb after all.

And, like I say.."Revenge is sweet."

My email is MY PHONE: 701-213-4250

Or call me for your questions on HOW I finally BROKE this "little chess partner's CODE."


Rallph J. Monasterio