"Getting to know OTHER chess partners.

Nov 9, 2007, 10:44 PM |

October 10, 2007


I would like to get to know some "Human" players for a change. Like I said before, I am beating "My little Chess partner".. SIX out of SIX games. That is "after" playing him for several years.

KASPAROV... are you there? My phone: 701-213-4250... My address: 512 N. Hannifin St., #4, Bismarck, 58501

Don't get me wrong. Playing "against" a computer is O.K. BUT... they do HAVE their LIMITATIONS. For instance.. ONCE you can break the computer's CHESS CODE.. WALA!  you got him!

By this, I mean, the STYLE in which the computer plays. Like, when I play against "My little Chess Patner"... I can ALMOST predict WHICH move he's going to make. And of course.. I "get ready" to "counter" this computer's NEXT move, and I usually beat him... NOT all of the time... JUST most of the time. Like SIX out of EIGHT games.

Remember, playing against the computer DOES HAVE it's LIMITATIONS. Lately, I've been observing some DUMB moves by my "little chess partner".

I hope I can SOMEDAY .... try to play... BIG BLUE.

Just a thought.

Ralph J. Monasterio