Re: "Chess Fatigue."

Oct 26, 2008, 7:52 AM |

October 26, 2008


A lot of players don't REALISE this, but there is such a thing as CHESS FATIGUE. When you play TOO MANY games, you become MENTALLY exchausted, and EMOTIONALLY drained. The consequences? YOU LOSE!!!

Yes, you start to LOSE games, even to WEAK players. This has happened to me before. If you notice, I DON'T play more than FOUR players at the same time! And then, I REST after I'm done with the last player.

Why?..... I DON'T and WILL NOT allow myself to fall into what I'd like to call....CHESS FATIGUE. How do I know? Just looking at the RATINGS... those so called "strong players" who have DEFEATED me in the past are now in the CELLAR or BASEMENT. Way down in ratings, and not even worth playing against, because I only play AGAINST highly rated players!

I have to... to IMPROVE my game and LEARN, like those goblins would tell me. Trust me, this is true. You know, after all, we are NOT machines, like a computer that is PROGRAMMED to play good Chess.  Simply put... SIMPLE human beings, who are PRONE to BREAKDOWN, mentally and emotionally.

We don't realise this until our RATINGS go all the way....DOWN. And then, we DON'T even realise this, until it's AWFULLY difficult to get out of the RUT we find ourselves in.

I don't play more than FOUR players at once... and even then, I REST after I'm done with the last player. I REST to recharge my batteries, and come back stronger than ever. As of right now, I'm happy with my ratings. And I INTEND to go up another notch... when I'm READY... and STRONG... to play again. 

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