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A deserving loss

A deserving loss

Mar 31, 2010, 9:58 PM 9

This weekend I played in Seattle spring open and failed to win anything. I made an awful 2.5/4 and my rating might go down the hill. All my opponents were atleast 200 points lesser than me but I never felt that superior in the games. In the game I lost my opponent played the most solid chess. The moves are not very difficult to make after my strategic mistake but nevertheless he made them and never gave me another chance. The game is below

My opponent went on to win the next game but lost in the last round to the champion Howard Chen and hence came in second. I fought the last round pretty well to get a winning position but made a stupid mistake to throw away a half point and didn't make any money at all. This game is a good re-lesson to me
  1. To know book or make logically sound moves
  2. Pawns can only move forward once a pawn moves it creates two weaknesses.
  3. Don't be desperate to attack all the times. Sometimes you have to shuck it up and play normally few moves.

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