A good fight but lost nevertheless

NM smalugu

Following my loss to Guinto and this blog post. I went to the next round quite determined and rearing to a win. My opponent is a kid, really a small kid and when he replied 1.e4 with e5, I tried to get him to my favorite battle ground of King's gambit. The game was going quite predicatably until he gave me a blow b5! I had to give up a pawn to avoid a clumsy position. Then he made an in accuracy and I was able to get the upper hand. This is the position where I again slipped, this time not through negligance but by a different kind of error underestimating my opponent. I thought he would not be able to handle the tactics and play a technical game. Which he did quite masterfully and after a few innacuracies in time pressure he actually beat me! Without further ado the game..

What a game and I should've have known better than to underestimate my kid opponent because he actually won the tournament! getting 5.5/6. Good things this is not bad loss but still feels stupid to loose two games in a row when you are the 2nd seed and have a shot at the first prize. Well after this game, I won the next rounds and got 10th place, but a very unremarkable place. My opponent played well and I think he deserves the win.