Failed to kill the mocking bird

Failed to kill the mocking bird

NM smalugu

This game is from my last round of the doomed Seattle spring open tournament. I am on 2/3 and had to win to get a chance to win any money. Though the number of entries has exceeded the limit and prize fund was increased the TD was cruel to me and removed the third prize and introduced a U-2100 prize! Well, I gotta win. My opponent is an expert with 2040 rating and I am expecting a pretty good fight. The game goe

s like this


So, it was a very good game both the players had their moments and chances and even though I had the most I couldn't utilize it. After the game I was so pissed off, for the missed chance and blunder in the end game. So I decided I should improve my endgame(common sense?) a lot. More than that I should learn not to be tired and content after getting a winning position.

The opening is called the Bird's opening and failed to kill it.