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Strategic mishandling

Strategic mishandling

Jun 10, 2010, 12:48 PM 3

This is a follow up from my yesterday's blog post - http://blog.chess.com/smalugu/i-dont-know-where-i-lost-the-game. I have taken time to analyze and critique the game with some help from fritz. Now I know where and how I lost the game. KID fans might learn something from my analysis and please feel free to leave comments. I focussed more on the strategic aspects of the game rather than depth and moves/subvariations. My opponent played well, though I had great plans in the game, I killed them myself.

A very unusual game because of the atypical placement of pieces. Hopefully based on this analysis I will be better prepared for my future KID battles.

The key take away from this game is: there is a balance between time and strong pieces. Pieces can only be strong when there is time to act with them.

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