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Two wins with the Traxler in Speedmatch II

Two wins with the Traxler in Speedmatch II

May 26, 2011, 6:35 PM 1

In an ongoing tournament created by RUBENGAR46100 for 1800 to 2000 rating called SPEEDMATCH II, I am having excellent results playing aggressively with the gambits - gambiting not just pawns but more frequently pieces. Two games I find interesting were played using the Traxler Counter-Attack. The game explorer classified the opening under C57: Italian Game: Two Knights Defense, Traxler Counterattack Knight sac line. White’s move 4.Ng5 threatening 5.Nxf7 forking the queen and a rook is ignored by simply developing the bishop with the move 4…Bc5. This is another gambit line I learned from the chess videos of GM Boris Alterman of ICC in his weekly presentation called Gambit Guide.

Traxler Counterattack is also termed Wilkes-Barre Counterattack. According to an article by Batgirl, Chess in the Wild, Part 1, the move 4…Bc5 line is the most exciting and poetic, and probably sound response, the one that answers White audacity (the Ng5 move) with an audacity of its own.  In the article, Batgirl further quoted Alex Dunne about this wild opening line, who wrote:

The logic behind  4...Bc5 is simple and bloodthirsty: the attack belongs to the better developed side. By  branding 4. Ng5 a "beginner's move," moving a piece twice in the opening, Black prepares his own systematic attack on f2, backed up with  an extra developing move or two. If a pawn or two, a rook, or even a few pieces go into the box, what does it matter when a king is at stake?.

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