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Chess how it fits

Jul 9, 2009, 4:01 PM 4

New friends gained, a life changed. Picked up chess again, excited at the function of this site and erik's vision live on my screen. One of the most stressful times in my life. Chess keeps me centered. I love the blog on here lets me vent or share life with friends. Facebook not for me. Myspace was for a while then I discovered chess.com. Just the right amount of privacy all by choice. People of same thoughts, similar passions come in all age groups, races and personalities. This is a time for reaching out so far very successful. In real world I there are friends true and tried who just love to beat me to pulp on the boards when they canWink. Some are here and present the constant battle. Those I have met on chess.com I call friends represent the future, just as secondlife.com does. I am not sure what the real purpose is as of yet but feel there is a reason and call in it all and I find it fun, emotionally rewarding (frustrating at times) and good for the soul, a place to go, a place to connect and a place to grow. Chess is a great outlet with nothing to lose but a game or two. Long live chess.com!

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